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Red Feather Archery has been around for 7 years and during this time Stan and I have been able to ship our products to some wonderful people from all parts of the country and other parts of the world!  We started this company as a couple of guys with "real" jobs who wanted to see if Stan's ideas for better broadheads would be helpful to fellow hunters.  During the time we have been doing this the response has been very positive.  One of the things we are most proud of is that our products are made right here in the good old USA! 

However, costs have continued to increase and our manufacturer recently raised the cost of our broadheads by over 30%.  Shipping costs have also continued to rise.  We have not raised the prices of our products since we started in business, and have continued to absorb earlier price increases, however, we are not able to continue to offer the Phoenix and Razorhawks without a substantial price increase.  We are also reluctant to look overseas to have our products made, because we don't want compromise our quality, even though we have been contacted by overseas manufacturers that have provided samples of products that are of decent quality.

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Upon purchase, receipt, and/or use, you (the user) agree to hold harmless Red Feather Archery, and its owner and offices, heirs, or employees of any and all product liability.  You agree that the above-mentioned will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, injury, or accidents caused by the products or items that we produce, promote, and/or sell.  In all cases, the user assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products.  It is your (the user's) responsibility to check local laws in order to be compliant with the products that we produce, promote, and/or sell.  Our products are not to be purchased by anyone under 18 years of age.  We strongly advise parents to supervise their children at all times whenever they are using our products.

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Welcome to Red Feather Archery

Welcome to the new Red Feather Archery Webpage!  We are very excited to bring to you this first phase of what we have planned.  Since our inception RFA has been all about our customers.  We hope you find this new format easier to navigate in, more informational and more user friendly.  Please feel free to use the contact form to tell us what you like about the new site and features and ideas on what you'd like to see.  Also, be sure to click Like on our Facebook page if you&nb...


Razor Hawk Now Available!!!

After a long and sometimes tedious process Red Feather Archery is pleased to announce the release of our newest broadhead, the all steel contructed 2-blade single-bevel Razor Hawk.  Available in 105, 125 and 150 grains the Razor Hawk is a deadly accurate broadhead.  The ferrule is constructed of high carbon steel, heat treated for all out toughness and finished in a black zinc coating.  The blades are interchangeable from one weight to another in the same ferrule, stainless steel for a&nbs...

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