About Red Feather Archery

RFA History

Red Feather Archery is the creation of brothers  Stan and Mike Mercer.  Stan is a lifelong bowhunter with 35 years of archery experience and 28 years of big and small game hunting.  Mike brings a business sense to the company that completely escapes his younger brother!
Red Feather was created to bring to you what experience has taught us to be the best small game/roving head on the market.
Stan is an avid small game hunter who also truly enjoys simply taking his bow for a walk in the woods and stump shooting.  Frustrated at not being able to find an arrowhead that had every feature he wanted in a small game/ roving head, he designed his own.  What he came up with was a head that could offer blunt force trauma, resharpenable blades for hemorrhaging, a concave tip to help keep the arrow from burrowing under grass, a pyramid design that would allow for stump shooting with easy arrow removal and 100% one piece steel construction for all out toughness.
We firmly believe that archery is a sport that should be enjoyed year round.  We also believe that some of the greatest enjoyment to be found in the sport can be had in the pursuit of small game or simply roving as archers of years past were so fond of.  This is also an ideal way to introduce youngsters to the sport.  We think we have created the perfect point for these pursuits and are pleased to offer it to fellow archers and bowhunters.